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Grosche Austin G6 Pour Over Coffee Maker

Grosche Austin G6 Pour Over Coffee Maker

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A high quality pour over coffee maker, the Austin G6 is built with refinement, and built to last.

Capacity: 1 liter, 34 fl. oz

Material: Borosilicate glass carafe and stainless steel permanent coffee filter. Plastic protective grip.

High-quality Borosilicate glass carafe.

Highest quality double layered stainless steel filter for grit free coffee.

For ideal Pour over coffee ratio – drip coffee ratio

To make pour over coffee the best way you will need the ideal drip coffee ratio. Brew guides offer various ranges of coffee to water ratio. The drip coffee ratio is the weight of coffee beans to the amount of water used. Although there isn’t a perfect pour over coffee ratio, using an ideal amount of coffee beans can give you a good start to making the best cup. The amount of coffee you use will set the strength of the coffee.

We suggest using around 20 grams of coffee beans for a 12 oz or 350 grams of water. That is the same as 350 ml of water. That is the size of a medium coffee mug. Use around 30 grams of coffee beans for the 18 oz. cup. If you are going to brew the full pot you will add around 60 grams of coffee beans into the filter.

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